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Ware units sports, tourist and pleasure boats, boats, boats and other watercraft

Floating Platform constructed in Fibreglass of 22 metre in length and 7. The jetty is supplied to Somasila and Siddhipet, Hyderabad Telangana. As per their requirement to relocate jetty seasonally according to the rise and fall in water level, we have installed 40hp twin engine inorder to move the jetty timely. The drawing is approved by IRS Class.

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By Shannon Tompkins , Houston Chronicle. But nobody calls it that. The consumer show that runs through Jan. But it's "The Boat Show" to almost everyone, and has been since it began 62 years ago when some of the city's boat builders, marine dealers and a couple of folks selling fishing tackle hauled their wares to the floor of the Sam Houston Coliseum and set up exhibits and booths covering a little more than an acre.

They hoped boaters and anglers would come check out the latest in boats and motors and associated gear, talk boating and fishing and, maybe, make a deal or two. The 62nd annual Boat Show, which runs through Jan. It is the largest indoor boat show in the nation and one of the longest running. More than businesses have booths or exhibits. Some offer recreational vehicles and travel trailers, cutlery, art and other items, all of them related to outdoor recreation.

But the majority of the nation's first marine consumer show of the calendar year is concentrated on recreational boating - more than 1, boats are exhibited in the show - with a healthy dose of fishing flavoring most of it. This makes perfect sense. Texas is one of the nation's top two markets for recreational boating. Only Florida saw higher sales numbers. And that doesn't include sales of kayaks and canoes and other boats not powered by motors, or the sales of previously owned boats.

And Houston is the state's epicenter for both activities - boating and fishing. The city is the state's largest, of course. But more germane, Houston and the surrounding region holds the state's largest number of boaters and anglers.

And it sits in a perfect spot for both. Galveston Bay, the state's largest and most productive inshore fishery, is almost at its door step. Then there are the dozens of fish-rich reservoirs peppering eastern Texas, with several within a hour or two drive of the Houston area's six million or so residents. And the event's timing is not an accident.

January is when fishing and boating activity in Texas is at its annual nadir, with wintry weather discouraging both. But it doesn't chill the ardor boaters and anglers have for their recreation. If they can't get on the water, they can think about it, consider updating or upgrading their boating and fishing gear, talk boating and fishing with others and plan for spring, the start of a new fishing and boating year for most folks.

The January timing also means the Houston Boat Show sees rollouts of some of the latest in boating and boating-related technology, and event patrons are some of the first to see it. That technology is one of the biggest changes boaters have seen over the show's history, Lovell said. Boats and motors are much better designed and reliable than they were when Lovell participated in his first Boat Show in He has been president of the show since Boat motors, particularly, have seen huge improvements in reliability and fuel efficiency, he said.

And one outboard manufacturer is now offering a year warranty on its engines. And the swarm of marine electronics - GPS systems, "fishfinder" units that produce detailed visuals of what's beneath a boat, "smart" trolling motors that follow bottom contours or other tracks the operate desires, electronic shallow-water anchors, even "joy stick" units for close-quarters maneuvering of a boat when docking - is even more impressive. While technology has changed, so has the boat-style preferences of Houston-area anglers.

Just a couple of decades ago, bass boats dominated the fishing market, with larger, more open fiberglass-hull boats used primarily by coastal anglers far behind in popularity. While the low-profile bass boats remain hugely popular, many Houston-area anglers are looking at center-consoles that can serve double-duty on lakes and coastal waters, he said. Also, many anglers looking for more moderately priced boats that can be used on both coastal and inland water are opting for to foot aluminum hulls, usually with a center-console layout.

Improvements in construction, design and durability of aluminum hulls have fueled much of that interest. Rocketing interest in human-power boats also is on display at the Boat Show. Dozens of kayaks are in the show, reflecting the rise in use of these light, maneuverable craft for fishing shallow areas of bays as well as their use by anglers in lakes and, especially, Texas rivers. Also, stand-up paddle boards, which resemble a cross between a wide, stable surfboard and a smashed kayak, are becoming increasingly popular.

The craft, which are paddled or poled by a standing operator, are increasingly popular for anglers looking to access and fish very shallow bay flats. The interest in paddle-powered boats and fishing from them is reflected in the topics of the Boat Show's popular free seminars. This year's seminars, presented by some of the state's top fishing guides and boating experts, cover topics such as fishing from kayaks, wintertime fishing tactics for speckled trout and largemouth bass, wade-fishing the Galveston Bay complex, tips on use of live and artificial baits in Galveston Bay, and more.

The show also offers anglers the opportunity to meet and pick the brains of dozens of coastal and freshwater fishing guides, staff of marinas and fishing destinations in the state and beyond, including Louisiana and Alaska, and book fishing trips.

More than three-dozen such operations are among the plus exhibitors at the show. Information on event hours, tickets, exhibitors and seminar schedule is available on the event's website: houstonboatshows. Photo: James Nielsen. Caption Close. Image 1 of 1. Back to Gallery. More Sports Headlines. Rockets confident P.

Tucker will be ready for next game. James Harden reaches 20, points as Rockets topple Timberwolves. Texans fans rally at Kansas City's Union Station. Rice routs FIU for first conference win of season. Rockets center Clint Capela ruled out of game against

By Shannon Tompkins , Houston Chronicle. But nobody calls it that.

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Houston Boat Show is that, plus a whole lot more

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Warden Service invite you to safely enjoy the recreational oppor- Operating a boat is no different than driving an automobile. Wisconsin Conservation . Motorboats (Other Than a Personal Watercraft). □ A person Visit the DNR website at movers10.com and enter the keyword unit can be submerged while on the movers10.comg: Ware ‎sports.

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