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Product fabrication large electric machines, electric machine aggregates, turbo and hydro generators

Product fabrication large electric machines, electric machine aggregates, turbo and hydro generators

In the technical archive of the company are more than operating specifications sets of design documentation for more than types of electrical engineering products of the highest technical level. On the basis of design documentation of the SKB electric motors are still manufactured at the majority of electrical engineering companies in Russia, Ukraine and other countries of the former USSR including nuclear power plants. The "calling card" of the special electric motors developed by the SKB Ukrelectromash is their "low noise" extremely low level of mechanical vibrations and acoustic noise of electric motor elements and "low-magnetic" extremely low level of the electromagnetic field around the electric motor , which provides special properties of special equipment, which fully meet the most modern requirements, both civil and military. The SKB Ukrelectromash can supply electric motors in the range of heights of axis of rotation from 56 mm up to mm, with capacities from W up to kW, with speeds from rpm up to 30, rpm. Electric motors can be carried out in any climate version with any degree of protection and explosion protection , as well as specially designed for frequency control.

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Ref document number : Country of ref document : EP. Kind code of ref document : P. Kind code of ref document : A2. Effective date : US USB2 fr. EPB1 fr. JPB2 fr. KRB1 fr.

CNC fr. ATT fr. AUA1 fr. HKA1 fr. WOA1 fr. USB2 en. JPA ja. EPA2 fr. Generator for fluiddrevet produksjon av elektrisk energi og fremgangsmate for fremstilling av generatoren. Energy generation methods and systems for swimming pools and other vessels with recirculating fluid. Fluid-driven electric generator for operatively connecting to a conduct carrying a fluid. Method for creating a low fluid pressure differential electrical generating system.

Method and system for assigning unique and dynamic information-carrying serial numbers. TWIB fr. WOA2 fr. MXB es. USB1 en. TWA en. Dispositivo elettrovalvolare, particolarmente per un dispositivo per la formazione di ghiaccio in un frigorifero.

ARA1 es. BRA2 pt. AUB2 en. CNA zh. Method and system for locating resources and communicating within an enterprise. EPA4 fr. Water powered electrical generator with outlet aeration feature for marine life and including minimal water drop with no head pressure. Ultraviolet water purification sterilization module device and control method thereof. Rooftop exhaust collectors and power generators, and associated systems and methods. Apparatus, system, and methods for using human energy in collecting, transporting, and purifying water.

Hydroelectric power generation device for operation with water flow of sanitary piping. USA en. NZA en. FRB1 fr. ATB de. CAC fr. CHA5 fr. DEC2 fr. JPB2 ja. DEA1 de.

GBD0 en. Home water purification system with automatic disconnecting of radiant energy source. DEC2 de. Aerogel materials and system for the capture and separation of gases and vapors with aerogel materials.

Apparatus and method for determining the best position for inner and outer members in a rotary machine. DKT3 da. Hydraulic turbine power generator incorporating axial thrust equalization means. Electromagnetic device having encapsulated construction and precise positioning of bearing and shaft axes.

Tape drive head assembly and apparatus for mounting a tape drive head to a carriage. CNC zh. GBB en. Method and apparatus for concentric assembly of structural rotor enclosure on an electrical machine rotor. Method and apparatus for reducing lateral interactive forces during operation of a probe-based instrument. USA1 en. EPA1 fr. ATT de. AUA1 en. EPA3 fr. KRA ko. HKA1 en. KRB1 ko. CAA fr. DC powered low resistance water pump and a waterworks display employing said pump.

RUA ru. RUC2 ru. GBA en.

Your rotating electrical machines, whether a fleet of low voltage or high voltage AC induction motors, DC machines, or a large AC generator will have a specific duty and function within your production process. To avoid unnecessary downtime and unexpected failure, Quartzelec can assist in providing a range of maintenance solutions to help minimise maintenance costs and increase plant availability. Potential problems can be identified through our specialist services including, Vibration analysis, Dynamic balancing, Thermal imaging and Oil analysis.

Indian Science Technology and Engineering facilities Map. Facility Map. Supplier Map. Service Map. Toggle navigation. A magneto-optical Cryofree superconducting magnet system.

EP2290783A2 - Système de traitment de liquide miniaturisé et autoalimenté - Google Patents

Our modern world demands power, lots of it. Utilities are therefore under pressure to provide predictable and safe power turnouts to the grid at any given time. Even though our energy-intensive lives have greatly changed since the s and s, many of the turbo-generators providing energy today were actually installed during this period. A large co-generation utility can have several types of generators running with and without magnetic retaining rings. Windings come in many varieties: hydrogen-cooled, air-cooled, diamond stator coils, Roebel bar coils , self-excited, etc. Maintenance and operation literature is often hard to find —if it even exists- in a condensed and comprehensive form for such high-speed units and many operators rely on either employee s that have collected troubleshooting know-how through experience or on expensive OEM field services. Turbo-generator operators are faced with various forms of wear and problems caused by dynamic stress, H2S contamination of the copper coils , chemical attack of the insulation, insulation failure, steel banding failures, etc.

EP2290783A2 - Système de traitment de liquide miniaturisé et autoalimenté - Google Patents

The new Digital Voltage Regulator D-Vo is an electronic microprocessor-based device which manages the operating electrical parameters of synchronous generators. Marelli Motori has designed special packages for maintenance services to take care of your machine throughout its lifecycle, while minimising the risk of a production failure and so guaranteeing overall peace of mind. A group of children aged between 7 and 10 years from Belarus, who suffer the effects of low-level Two new hydro generators will soon be on-route from our factory in Arzignano, Italy, to Bad Ems in

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To summarize, the post-crisis period brought favorable market conditions to the industry and leading players started to increase their profitability. For the last decade machine-building showed excellent results and production volumes increased by 2. In recent years demand for agricultural machinery increased significantly due to fast development of agricultural sector increase in arable land and crops production and significant obsolescence of existing agricultural equipment. Major part of demand is satisfied by imports while domestic equipment does not always meet needs of agricultural producers. Even due to stagnation in all segments of Ukrainian economy during financial crisis of and imports of agricultural machines showed CAGR of Currently Ukraine exports tractors, majority of which is produced in Kharkiv, and other agricultural equipment such as seeding, fertilizing and disc harrowing machines to Russia, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries. Heavy machine-building sector in Ukraine provides a wide range of equipment for mining, chemical and petrochemical industries, metallurgy, metal treatment, energy, construction and other industries. The industry is highly involved in the projects in Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan.

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Ref document number : Country of ref document : EP. Kind code of ref document : P.

Browse terms related to these fuel groups: alternative fuels coal electricity natural gas nuclear petroleum renewable. It can be wet precipitation rain, snow, or fog or dry precipitation absorbed gaseous and particulate matter, aerosol particles or dust. Acid rain has a pH below 5.

Recent Developments of Electrical Drives is composed of the papers which cover a wide spectrum of theory and practice, thus they are deeply rooted in engineering problems, being simultaneously of high theoretical level. This way the contents touches the heart of the matter in electrical drives theory, control systems and applications. The book, stating the recent developments of electrical drives, can be useful for engineers and researchers investigating and designing electrical and electronic devices as well as for students and young researchers dealing with electrical and electronic engineering, computer sciences advanced computer modelling, sophisticated control systems with artificial intelligence tools applied, optimal design bye use of classical and genetic algorithms employed , applied mathematics and all the topics where electromagnetic, thermal, mechanical phenomena occur. Recent Developments of Electrical Drives covers a wide range of interests of industry engineers, and scientists involved in modelling, control, measurements, new motor structures design, and could be also useful for engineers working in the field of electrical drives implementation. Skip to main content Skip to table of contents. Advertisement Hide. Editors view affiliations S. Wiak M. Dems K. Conference proceedings.

The companies of the industry are engaged in manufacturing of machinery and Although agricultural machine-building remains underdeveloped, it has a large room for Other (manufacturing of electrical, electronic and optical equipment). Turnover of products manufactured in Ukraine by selected machine-building.

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Transmission line to deliver hydropower from Canada to US gets key approval 10 January A project to provide MW of transmission capacity, delivering Repair work starts at Toddbrook reservoir, UK 07 January Work has started on a project to repair and enhance the resilience of Tina River project construction set to start next year 19 December A landmark financing agreement has been completed for the 15MW Tina Fifth modernized unit in operation at Iron Gate Djerdap 1, Serbia 18 December The fifth hydraulic unit modernized by equipment manufacturer Power Dam removal project begins in the US 17 December The first phase of a project to remove an year-old high-hazard dam Report identifies technical causes of Brazil tailings dam failure 16 December The failure and resulting flow slide at the tailings dam B-I at Vale Nova gets green light for Canadian tidal project 16 December Tidal energy company Nova Innovation has been granted a permit to develop Seismic upgrades move forward at B. Sisk Dam 09 December A billion-dollar seimic upgrade project at B.


January - the plant manufactured the th generator of traction DC GP U2, which is manufactured since the 90th of the last century. April - a contract was signed with Ukrhydroenergo for the development and delivery of a hydrogenerator-engine for the second stage of the fourth hydroelectric unit of the Dniester PSP. June - the company signed a contract for the development and supply of a turbo-generator in a tropical version for the TPP "Siddirganch. Their high-quality work noted by Emomali Rahmon, the President of Tajikistan. December, — The first inspection audit of labor protection management system and environmental management system took place at Electrotyazhmash. December, — The audit of financial statements conducted by international audit company KPMG was completed at Electrotyazhmash, being the first one in the history of the Enterprise. According to the findings of the audits for and , the Enterprise obtained conditionally positive opinion of the auditors. February, — Plant Electrotyazhmash got a certificate of compliance with the international standard of railway industry IRIS.

U.S. Energy Information Administration - EIA - Independent Statistics and Analysis

Precision measurement of the helium flux in primary cosmic rays of rigidities 1. Precision measurement of the proton flux in primary cosmic rays from rigidity 1 GV to 1. Design study on a 9.

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Motion Electric Motor Services is a trusted electrical apparatus service provider specializing in the repair, winding and overhaul of electric motors and generators. We are equipped for and specialize in repairs and rewinding of electric motors, generators and turbos , up to Our expert teams of winders, technicians and engineers possess practical industry-specific experience and broad technical knowledge coming from most OEM backgrounds to ensure high quality, competitive pricing and outstanding reliability.

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