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Plant constructions and frame details of buildings and structures

The erection of structural steelwork consists of the assembly of steel components into a frame on site. The processes involve lifting and placing components into position, then connecting them together. Generally this is achieved through bolting but sometimes site welding is used. The assembled frame needs to be aligned before bolting up is completed, and the structure handed over to the principal contractor. Often the ability to complete these processes safely, quickly and economically is influenced significantly by early decisions made during design long before erection commences.

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Tennessee Valley Authority. Chapter Pagr. Principal features of water control projectsTVA integrated system. TVA steam plant data. Comparison of transmission line costs and losses. Cost of coal per ton delivered.

Cost of coal. Machine shop in center and warehouse behind with compressor building in right foreground. The rigging loft. The main warehouse building and erection of steel and wooden bins. Comparison of estimated costsmanual versus automatic telephone system January to June The central mixing plant. Schedule of principal construction equipment.

Construction operations. Portable mixers. Kingston Steam Plantsummary of preliminary cost estimate. Figure Page 12 Section through steam generator representative of units 1 to 4. Section through steam generator representative of units 5 to 9. Boiler circulating water pumps serve each steam generator for units 5 to. Injection water pumps moderate pressure and temperature for the boiler circulating water pumps.

Refractory and insulation thickness for steam generatorsunits Insulation thickness for air and gas ducts and pipingunits Forced draft fans two for each unit. The condensers are the divided waterbox type one for each unit.

Guaranteed performance of units Nos 6 and 7 heater drain pumpsunit 1. Unit 5 evaporator. Unit 6 hotwell pumps. Station sump pumps foreground and raw water pumps valves and strainers between units 7 and 8. Fuel oil pumps. Unit 6 main steam lines. Unit 7 gland steam condenser and condensate piping. Looking from the turbogenerator room into the mechanical control room for units 1 and 2.

Units 7 and 8 mechanical control room. Cutaway of generator units. Powerhouse service bay loading dock. An attractive lobby is provided for visitors convenience. The service bay machine shop. Thermostatically controlled steam unit heaters serve the nonairconditioned spaces in the service bay and office wing. Intake structure and pumping station. Condenser circulating water supply system. The water of the Emory River at the north end of the Kingston condenser water intake channel is much colder along the bottom than on the surface.

Chlorination building. Unit 1 station service transformer. Singleline diagramtransmission plant. The electrical control building. Visitors lobby in the control building. The water treatment plant. An overall view of the coal building facilities. Each of two car dumpers has a capacity of twenty 50ton cars per hour.

Figure Page 62 Hopper buildings No 1 at right and No 2 each house a rotary car dumper. The stocking out conveyor. The crusher and conveyor control building. The control room for the coal handling system. Service shop equipment. The storage building. Concrete slab trailer port. Mass handling of employees at shift change.

Construction services. Trend of employment by categories through the major period of construction. Kingston Steam Plant construction medical services. Constricting tube 10 feet in diameter on top of unit 4 stack. Laddie Village Addition. Construction of the west dormitory cafeteria wall framing and septic tank.

Anemometer mast. View of original plant site looking west. Summary of land purchases for Kingston Steam Plant as of June 30 Control system of hubs and monuments established by Maps and Surveys Branch. Construction of the powerhouse November 16 The construction organization.

Construction progress as of February 18 The administration building. Construction progress as of August 19 Pumpcrete plant.

Concrete mixes. Monthly and cumulative progress of structural steel erection. Structural steel framing was temporarily pinned and bolted in half the holes. Erection of steel structures other than the powerhouse. The south end of the turbogenerator room was constructed of brick and glass block. Typical highly polished marble finish used in public toilets locker rooms and some other public areas.

Building designations with maroon colored porcelain enameled letters. A job constructed rig used to move and set a v switchboard in place on prepared channel bar. A 3ton gantry crane for placing and erecting the turbogenerators. Unit 6 turbine rotors in place. Insulation applied to turbogenerators and related piping. Figure Page Lowpressure exhaust casing unit 8 being aligned and placed on base plates in first step of assembly.

The rotor of unit 5 was installed using one overhead crane and a small car on rails. Manhours required to install steam generating units and equipment. Raising boiler drum for unit 3. Inside unit 1 boiler looking up from ash hopper showing tubing for furnace water walls superheater and reheater elements. Bowl mill pulverizers. Pulverizer exhaust fan. Erection of the main steam piping for all nine units required man hours and pounds of welding rod. Installation of forced draft fan. Construction of base for reinforced chimney for unit 1.

Unit 1 fly ash collectors. Work on the condenser water intake structure. Reinforced concrete condenser water intake conduits.

Installation of steel shells 45 feet long by 11 feet in diameter for the intake skimmer wall piers.

By: Kendall Jones on December 5th, Construction Technology.

Scientists at the Chair of Green Technologies in Landscape Architecture at the Technical University of Munich are focusing on the research field of living-plant construction. The activities are being led by Ferdinand Ludwig at the interface of empirical research in the natural and engineering sciences and the design disciplines of architecture, landscape architecture and urban planning. Text: Bettina Sigmund published The aim is to control biological processes and structures in such a way that they enable new open-spatial-architectural typologies and design approaches as innovative technical solutions.

Living-plant construction: Living architecture

The majority of concrete used in construction is hidden but there are an increasing number of developments which use concrete expressively. There are many concrete products that are intended to be left unfinished, or exposed and also construction solutions that can be designed to be visual concrete. They include cast in situ, precast, hybrid and masonry. In all cases specific design or selection in advance is necessary in order to establish the quality of finish desired by the client and design team. Recent years has seen many examples of exposed or painted concrete on the inside of buildings, where the structural frame and floors are left unfinished to optimise the thermal mass of the concrete as part of an energy efficiency heating and cooling strategy. Concrete designed to be exposed, but painted should also be identified pre-tender for appropriate specification. Eurocode 1 BS Standards for precast concrete.


Buildings - from houses to car-parks to schools and skyscrapers - rely on steel for their strength. Steel is also used on roofs and as cladding for exterior walls. This will be accompanied by rapid urbanisation. Steelmakers around the world are increasingly providing construction solutions that enable energy-efficient and low-carbon-neutral buildings.

By using the astron.

Account Options Sign in. Reclamation Era , Volumes Selected pages Page Page Ruth F Sadler Editor. States and Canada 2 a year for foreign subscriptions special. Reclamation Era, Volume 26 United States. Bureau of Reclamation Full view - Reclamation Era, Volume 28 United States.

Our frame production sites

The seven-storey building is about two-thirds complete — the basic structure and staircases are in place, with plastering and wiring just beginning. But as I walk around, something different slowly reveals itself. The construction site is quiet and clean — it even smells good. Building sites typically feature wood as the mould to pour the concrete into.

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Portal frames are generally low-rise structures, comprising columns and horizontal or pitched rafters, connected by moment-resisting connections. Resistance to lateral and vertical actions is provided by the rigidity of the connections and the bending stiffness of the members, which is increased by a suitable haunch or deepening of the rafter sections. This form of continuous frame structure is stable in its plane and provides a clear span that is unobstructed by bracing. They are very efficient for enclosing large volumes, therefore they are often used for industrial , storage, retail and commercial applications as well as for agricultural purposes. This article describes the anatomy and various types of portal frame and key design considerations. A portal frame building comprises a series of transverse frames braced longitudinally. The primary steelwork consists of columns and rafters, which form portal frames, and bracing. The end frame gable frame can be either a portal frame or a braced arrangement of columns and rafters.

Assurance Guidelines for Steel Moment-Frame Construction for Seismic Applications shop operations and quality control functions of the individual plant. Conventional Steel Building Structures, previously known as Category I, include.

Bamboo as a Replacement to Steel

Before we started using steel to reinforce structures, bamboo remained the core component in the construction of buildings. However, most people have a skewed opinion about bamboo. However, that is not the case at all. Yes, bamboo is stronger than steel in regards to the tensile strength. Steel has a tensile strength of 23, pounds per square inch. But bamboo surpasses steel with a noticeable lead at 28, pounds. Noticed the word tensile strength in the mix? That is because when we consider the strength of a material, there are variables to keep in mind. The tensile strength can be defined as the resistance offered by an objecting to breaking or splitting under tension.

Visual concrete

Tennessee Valley Authority. Chapter Pagr. Principal features of water control projectsTVA integrated system. TVA steam plant data. Comparison of transmission line costs and losses. Cost of coal per ton delivered. Cost of coal. Machine shop in center and warehouse behind with compressor building in right foreground. The rigging loft. The main warehouse building and erection of steel and wooden bins.


Post-frame buildings feature large, solid sawn posts or laminated columns instead of wood studs, steel framing, or concrete masonry. They transfer loads to the ground or surface-mounted to a concrete pier or masonry foundation, and may use plastic barrier systems for enhanced protection of wood and concrete posts or piers.

Our production sites. Our frame production sites. Ylivieska plant - Finland. Specialises in: Raw material: plates Welded beams for frame and bridge structures Automatic welding lines for different types and sizes of beams.

Elsevier , Laxton's gives you access to the most reliable and current data.

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