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Warehouse industrial musical instruments

Warehouse industrial musical instruments

We use our own and third party cookies to provide you with content as per your interests. If you continue to browse this website, it will be understood that you have been informed of and accept the installation and use of cookies. For more information please see our Cookies Policy. The warehouse of Gonher, an online musical instruments shop, is run through intelligent management. Gonher first opened in Mexico in , starting out as a business which sold records and music equipment.

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Industrial music

We use our own and third party cookies to provide you with content as per your interests. If you continue to browse this website, it will be understood that you have been informed of and accept the installation and use of cookies. For more information please see our Cookies Policy. The warehouse of Gonher, an online musical instruments shop, is run through intelligent management. Gonher first opened in Mexico in , starting out as a business which sold records and music equipment.

These days, it has a significant presence in the wholesale market and is making inroads in online shopping. It is a business leader in the import and sale of musical instruments and sound equipment for hobbyists and professional musicians in this country. From its beginnings, Gonher has been known for its ability to develop, design and install sound systems in theatres, hotels, buildings, clubs, restaurants, etc.

Likewise, it runs music schools where acoustic and electric guitar, bass, drums, piano and saxophone are taught, among other instruments. The company has a 6, m 2 distribution centre in Mexico City. There it houses a wide variety of SKUs around 14, that include all kinds of music-related products and those for live events instruments, cords, cymbals, LED screens, microphones, speakers, etc.

In the past, goods came from different countries mainly, China, Germany, Italy, Argentina, Spain, the United States and Japan , and were deposited in the distribution centre as they reached the facility.

Operators had a lot of work in locating the products they needed and, consequently, picking orders was very slow. Plus, by not keeping the inventory under strict control, some product could end up being stored for too long, with all the costs this would involve. In , the business started to expand and Gonher experienced a jump in sales.

Space in the warehouse was being misallocated and squandered, meaning the company was having a tough time managing all its products. It end up being impossible to squeeze in any more new inbound items. Its proposal included, on the one hand, the redesign of the warehouse and, on the other, the rollout of a management system WMS able to optimise all processes.

The warehouse comprised an ample zone equipped with single-depth pallet racks. So, the racks had to be adapted to this distinctive structural feature.

There is also a zone for shelving for picking. Costlier and smaller-sized products are deposited here such as metronomes, tuners or high-definition microphones. Lastly, it allocated an area for floor level product storage. It deals with bulky items, mainly used to set up stages, which are stored in containers. Each day it receives goods in containers. These are housed in their slots and, from mid-morning into the evening, all the orders are prepared and distributed.

On the other hand, the deployment of the Easy WMS , the warehouse management software of Mecalux, means operators are much more efficient. Now, the company only runs a single work shift enough to deal with all its daily tasks. During this time, the Mecalux technical team was able to do an in-depth study of the new distribution and warehouse map, the products catalogue and each one of the processes that generate input and output movements.

So, before making any sort of choice, the responsibles at Gonher wanted to be completely sure of their decision. We had the opportunity to visit another warehouse with fairly similar operations and were convinced because we discovered the WMS was highly-suited to our logistics needs. The WMS is like an orchestra conductor, since it is in charge of all elements and operations that are carried out in the warehouse. Operators work in unison to achieve the maximum productivity and, ultimately, supply all the national customers as quickly as possible.

They have radiofrequency devices to communicate with the system in real-time. Through these devices, operators receive instructions and confirm they have fulfilled them.

The system is very flexible and prevents operators from stopping to consider or question each action or task so that they can focus on the job at hand. As a result, productivity is much, much higher and, almost error-free.

Next, the Easy WMS assigns each a location, taking into account the different variables like rotation, size and cost. For example, consumer products are set in lower racking levels more accessible to operators , while low rotation ones are set on upper storage levels. Once all the products are received, operators are tasked with moving them to the location Easy WMS has assigned them.

This spot might be in the pallet racks, in the containers stacked on the floor or on the hand-pick shelving modules. The WMS instructs the operators continuously to prevent any type of error. Firstly, it shows them which coordinates they should go to and, secondly, in which exact location they must insert the pallets into.

This has led to better space purposing of the warehouse. Plus, the moment a product has been removed from its location and, as such, has run out, the Easy WMS is designed to generate a resupply command automatically. Easy WMS launches the replenishment order when the location is empty. Meanwhile, in the case of the picking shelves, in particular, Gonher can preestablish the moment it wants these shelves resupplied.

So, for example, higher demand products are replenished more frequently, before they run out, to prevent service stoppages. Operators move through the aisles collecting the products listed for each order directly off the shelves.

Personnel follow the order grouping system, which consists of putting together several orders during the same warehouse run. Every day, between 20 and 30 pallets leave the warehouse with products that must be delivered to its customers. Gonher has streamlined order picking in two different ways. In the first place, thanks to the racks. The storage system stands out for being accessible, which spurs on the handling of goods.

In the second place, Easy WMS directs the operators by showing them which products they must pick off the shelves. An order that comes in before 12 noon can be processed in less than 24 hours. Each message establishes an action to carry out and contains all the necessary information to do so.

When the goods have arrived at the distribution centre, the operators are tasked with checking if what was received corresponds to the listed information. Once this work is done, the WMS issues a file with the actual quantities that were input into the warehouse and sends this file to the ERP. Since there are two-way interfaces like in receptions, because communication is produced between the ERP and the WMS , there are also one-way interfaces like in stock keeping, that involve the WMS sending the ERP stock level information.

Intelligent management in the warehouse of an online musical instruments shop. The warehouse of a musical instruments shop with Easy WMS of Mecalux The warehouse of Gonher, an online musical instruments shop, is run through intelligent management.

Gonher, a musical instruments and sound equipment company, has fully transformed its business since the implementation of the Easy WMS warehouse management system of Mecalux in its distribution centre in Mexico City. Recently, the company reorganised its warehouse, achieving the productivity it needed to supply its customers spread around the entire country.

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Industrial music is a genre of music that draws on harsh, transgressive or provocative sounds and themes. While the genre name originated with Throbbing Gristle's emergence in the United Kingdom , concentrations of artists and labels vital to the genre also emerged in America , namely in Chicago. The first industrial artists experimented with noise and aesthetically controversial topics, musically and visually, such as fascism , sexual perversion , and the occult. Chicago-based independent label Wax Trax Records featured a heavy roster of industrial music acts. The precursors that influenced the development of the genre included acts such as electronic music group Kraftwerk , experimental rock acts such as Pink Floyd and Frank Zappa , psychedelic rock artists such as Jimi Hendrix , and composers such as John Cage.

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The warehouse of a musical instruments shop with Easy WMS of Mecalux

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