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Units storage furniture for ships and equipment for ships

Units storage furniture for ships and equipment for ships

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Accommodation units - interiors

Kooiman Ship Interiors supplies top quality carpentry work. Quality has high priority for the experts at Kooiman Ship Interiors. They have an eye for detail, beautiful finishing and functionality. The carpentry department is highly versatile, works with a large and modern range of machinery, with very different kinds of materials and in widely varying styles, depending on the client.

The carpenters are able to supply customized work in any style imaginable, from conventional classic to clean, modern finishes. Kooiman Ship Interiors builds entire accommodation facilities and accommodation units for the newbuild ships of Kooiman Marine Group, finished according to the specifications.

From insulation to soft furnishings, Kooiman Ship Interiors takes care of the full carpentry work for newbuild, renovations and conversions. Kooiman Ship Interiors has an extensive range of wood and materials in stock. Requests can therefore always be satisfied within a short time frame. Modifications and newbuild are designed in collaboration with Kooiman Engineering, after which they are produced and finished down to the smallest details.

Take a look at our portfolio. Click here for customization. Kooiman Ship Interiors has a wide range of machines. Linear and round edge banders for applying edges to rectangular pieces and complex shaped sheet material for different materials, widths and thicknesses.

Kooiman Ship Interiors works with a wide range of materials, from azobe working decks to mahogany and teak for tailor-made furniture. Kooiman Ship Interiors has cold presses for pressing synthetic laminate or wood veneer on to sheet material, or for gluing several layers of sheet material to create the desired thickness.

For different types of machining, Kooiman Ship Interiors has a router table, computer-controlled sizing machines, radial arm saws, band sawing machine, wide belt sanders, deep-hole drilling machine, edge sander, line driller, hinge driller, etc.

For computer-controlled milling, Kooiman Ship Interiors works closely together with supply companies. Dordrecht - technical possibilities. Zwijndrecht - technical possibilities. Yerseke - technical possibilities.

Craftsmanship and an eye for quality form the basis of ships made precisely to size, expert repairs and reliable maintenance. Kooiman Marine Group displays its entrepreneurial mindset in the nautical sector. We are an independent group of multidisciplinary shipyards with a huge capacity for problem solving.

Contact a representative of our enterprise directly about the possibilities of Kooiman Ship Interiors. Latest news. Working for us? Make appoint ment. Receive information. Key figures. BNR Zwerver I. BNR Edenvale. BNR Deirdre. BNR Rona. BNR Pollux. BNR Castor. BNR Scheldeoord. BNR Reimerswaal.

BNR Splendid. BNR Kraanvogel. BNR Albatros. BNR Deo Favente. BNR Fata Morgana. BNR Onderneming. BNR Wilhelmina Arina. BNR Charisma. BNR Vector.

BNR Duke 2. BNR Norne. BNR Dutch Pearl. BNR Dutch Power. BNR Mustang. BNR Ginger. BNR Brent. BNR Andre-B. BNR Viking. BNR Meander. BNR Dutch Partner. BNR Stad Schoonhoven. Pieter Bruegel ferry. Nieuwe Maze - interiors. Spirit of Chartwell - interiors. Tax and Customs Authorities - interiors. Devotion - interiors. Erasmus MC - interiors.

Accommodation units - interiors. DC Brugge - interiors. Shipyard Gebr. Shipyard Kooiman Hoebee. Shipyard Kooiman van Os. Kooiman Engineering. Kooiman Ship Electric. Kooiman Ship Interiors. Kooiman Ship Interiors Customized furniture such as tables, lecterns, cupboards, kitchens Floors on board of ships, both interior and exterior Walls and ceilings on board of ships Installation of doors and windows Design, manufacture and installation of stairs Interiors for accommodation units All necessary interior carpentry.

Take a look at our portfolio check our newbuild possibilities Click here for customization. Machinery Kooiman Ship Interiors has a wide range of machines.

Special carpentry projects Carpentry in passenger ship Spirit of Chartwell. Renovation of a classic hotel boat which now sails in England. Bedrooms, a bar, stairs, cupboards, walls and ceilings were made and installed, all with corresponding decoration.

Carpentry of representation vessel Nieuwe Maze. All the panelling, ceilings, floors and furniture were stripped and rebuilt with high-quality materials. Name: Your name Vereist. E-mail address: Your e-mail address Vereist.

Message: Your message Vereist. Phone number: Your phone number Vereist. Subject: Your subject Vereist. Send me information. I would like to receive price information.

Call me back for an appointment. When you use this form, you agree to the storage and processing of your data on this website. Make appoint ment Receive information.

Kooiman Ship Interiors supplies top quality carpentry work. Quality has high priority for the experts at Kooiman Ship Interiors.

Due to lack of space on board the ship to let customers sail and spend the night, modular accommodation units have been developed that can be placed on the deck. The execution has the same standard and finish as on board. The unit is equipped with a workspace with desk and chairs, a pantry with media entertainment system, two bunk beds, double wardrobes and a wet room with toilet, sink and shower. The space is very well insulated and equipped with heating and air conditioning.

ship interiors

File Cabinets. View All. Are you in need of a tool to help you keep your workspace neat and organized? These office utility cabinets, otherwise called storage unit cupboards, make great organizers, helping you keep your work area neat and tidy.

Marine Products

ALMACO has extensive experience in designing and supplying cabins and public areas, both modular and stick built, as well as providing and outfitting new accommodation blocks at the newbuild stage or during unit modernizations. Cabins are pre-assembled in a temporary factory in close proximity to the structure and loaded into as complete units. ALMACO provides complete turnkey services to shipyards and owners who are either building or modernizing galleys and other food handling areas such as bars, buffet counters and pantries. ALMACO utilizes modular pre-fabrication technology to build walk-in pantries, cooking units and even show galleys.

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