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Units space bodywork, their components and spare parts

The invention relates to a front bodywork of a motor vehicle with a lock cross member for fastening a hood lock and support struts for supporting the lock cross member on longitudinal members of a front frame, wherein the support struts are respectively secured to the lock cross member and an associated side member, and wherein each support strut via a plurality of mounting means for mounting functional parts features. The present invention is in the field of vehicle technology and relates to a front bodywork of a motor vehicle. Modern motor vehicles usually have a self-supporting body, which allows weight and cost reduction compared to a built-up on a frame body. In the self-supporting body, the components in their entirety absorb the forces introduced, the rigidity of the body being achieved by a structure composed of hollow sheet-metal components profiles and a compact sheet-metal outer skin. In a conventional industrial mass production design self-supporting bodies on a vehicle transverse direction arranged end wall or partition, through which a spatial separation between the passenger compartment and the front bodywork is created. The front bodywork may be constructed in a variety of ways, in a typical design realized by the Applicant, for example in "Opel Corsa" and "Opel Astra" passenger vehicles, comprising two side rails connected at their front ends by a cross member Fig.

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The invention relates to a center pillar B-pillar on a body of a passenger car according to the preamble of claim 1.

Carrier with hollow profiles are thereby manufactured from at least two deep-drawn and welded together sheets. Next clearances must be available for door hinges and locking pin. The hollow profiles are designed as extruded light-metal profiles and the gusset elements as light-metal castings. The object of the invention is to provide a center pillar, which corresponds in structure and in their technique of the aforementioned supporting structure made from hollow profiles and node elements.

This eliminates the initially mentioned disadvantages of a sheet-metal construction for a door pillar, in particular the need for a plurality of additional reinforcing members for increasing the strength.

A plurality of profile chambers are included as longitudinal hollow profiles which are separated by webs ge. To this end, the profile chamber outermost example trimmed in a lower region, so that it extends only in this lower region, the underlying profile chamber is then trimmed slightly higher, etc. The cut surfaces of the profile ridge heritage section are expediently inclined moderately and the conical shape adapted executed.

It is advantageous to arrange according to claim 5 on a common base section wall toward the vehicle outer side, the profile chambers and so perform the profile ridge heritage section, in that the basic profile wall is retained as the inner wall toward the vehicle inner side.

The basic profile wall can possibly. Also be carried out with a bit more thickness. By trimming the profile chambers they are cut flat at the loading open. Preferred here is a sheet-metal part or cast part, if necessary. Of the vehicle outer side, an additional part to the extruded profile is attached, wherein the additional part the extruded profile at least partly surrounds and covers and is fixedly connected thereto.

According to claim 10 the additional part as a sheet metal part or, in a very stable embodiment, a casting may be made of light metal. By a high-strength casting at the lower part of the center pillar of these particularly vulnerable in a side impact area is advantageously stiffened. Space for mounting parts, particularly for hinges and locking bolts, can advantageously according to claim 12, if necessary. Without further processing of the extruded profile, its ent hold the auxiliary part.

Depending on the circumstances also there are suitable can be advantageous bination of extruded profile parts and castings. Profile crossings, junctions, etc. If the split center column is mounted before it is introduced into the intended body space, even connections are possible. Reference to the drawings are embodiments of the dung Erfin further detail features and advantages described in more detail. In Fig. The multi-chamber extruded profile 1 of Fig.

The profile chamber 5 is retained over the entire length, while for example, the profile compartments are trimmed in a lower portion already in height 3 and 6. By suitable trimming of the chambers 4 and 7, a clearance for receiving a clamping bolt is provided in the region of the 10th.

The sections shown in Fig. In addition, the cutoff sections are at least to disguise with a not shown cover. This basic profile wall 13 is connected to a side member 14 having a relatively large width in front of the side.

In the machining state shown in Fig. In FIG. This additional part is a deep-drawn sheet metal part 16, which extends as a base portion conically upwards approximately up to the middle height of the center pillar. The embodiment according to FIGS. Also in Fig. Again, an additional part as a foot provided, but as a light-metal casting 18th.

Due to the stable casting 18 of the lower portion of the center pillar which is particularly at risk in a side crash is greatly increased in its strength. But it would be possible one. The lower longitudinal member 19 has a generally conical shape with molded open spaces, in particular a free space 22 for a locking bolt.

This complex compound is ge secure by welding or adhesive bonding. Kind code of ref document : A1. Designated state s : JP US. Ref document number : Country of ref document : EP. Country of ref document : US. The invention relates to a central pillar for the bodywork of a passenger car, especially bodywork in which the bearing structure consists of extruded section bearers and light-metal joining components. In a preferred embodiment, in order to produce a conical shape, section chambers 3 to 8 of a multi-chamber extruded section are cut in steps over their height.

It is also possible to make recesses for free spaces, especially for the fitting of locks and hinges, by cutting section chambers. In further embodiments, central pillars are produced by the jointing of extruded sections with sheet metal components or castings. This object is achieved with the features of claim 1. Show it Fig. Again, an additional part as a foot provided, but as a light-metal casting 18th In FIG. DE DED1 en EP EPB1 en USA en. EPB1 en. JPHA en. EST3 en. WOA1 en. Composite components with at least one casting made from a lightweight metal material.

SEC2 en. JPA en. USB1 en. Reinforcement for vehicle bodywork pillars, and other hollow components, is a strengthening skeleton of injection molded heat-resistant plastics with support surfaces held by lateral ribs and longitudinal bars.

USB2 en. Deformation element for receiving side impact forces in the side region of a motor vehicle. Body structure for a motor vehicle and behavior for producing a structural component for a body structure. Carbody for passenger cars of trains, light rail vehicles, magnetic levitation. EPA1 en. CAC en. Integral bodyshell structure for a motor vehicle and method of producing the bodyshell structure. JPB2 en. DEB4 en. USA1 en. Frame structure of a vehicle body of node elements and connected, pre-profiled support elements.

KRB1 en. DEA1 en. DET2 en. Ref document number : Country of ref document : EP. Ref document number : Country of ref document : US.

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The invention relates to a center pillar B-pillar on a body of a passenger car according to the preamble of claim 1. Carrier with hollow profiles are thereby manufactured from at least two deep-drawn and welded together sheets. Next clearances must be available for door hinges and locking pin. The hollow profiles are designed as extruded light-metal profiles and the gusset elements as light-metal castings.

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Get a fresh start. Peter Campbell and Michael Pooler. Report a mispronounced word. If you drive one of the 1. Indeed, more than half the 30, components in an average British-made car come from somewhere else.

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Locost bodywork.

If you continue navigating, you will be accepting its use. The Martorell production facility, located some 30 kilometres from Barcelona, was officially opened in February by HM Juan Carlos I of Spain, and is one of the most modern facilities of its kind in Europe. It covers a total surface area of over 2,, square metres the equivalent of football fields of which , are landscaped areas. Some 7, people work in its 15 buildings, divided into morning, afternoon and night shifts. Current daily production at the facility is in the region of 2, units SEAT sells its cars in 75 countries. The introduction of innovations in the production processes, the broadening of personnel training — at the different centres located within the facility itself — and the use of state-of-the-art technology have enabled modernisation of the facility, whose assembly lines offer great production versatility. All SEAT range models are made at Martorell — with the exception of the Alhambra, Toledo and Mii — based on the fundamental premise of offering top-quality product capable of satisfying customer requirements. The production process begins at the presses, where body parts are stamped.

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A vehicle frame , also known as its chassis , is the main supporting structure of a motor vehicle , to which all other components are attached, comparable to the skeleton of an organism. Until the s virtually every car had a structural frame, separate from its body. This construction design is known as body-on-frame. Over time, nearly all passenger cars have migrated to unibody construction , meaning their chassis and bodywork have been integrated into one another.

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This warranty provided by the manufacturer does not adversely affect the statutory rights of the purchaser against the seller and gives remedies in addition to those against the seller under the contract of sale. Claims by the purchaser, in particular for a defect on a vehicle, against the selling Vauxhall distributor remain unaffected by the warranty. Duration of the warranty, dependence on first owner. Vauxhall undertakes that each new motor vehicle supplied thereon by Vauxhall as original equipment will be free from defect in material or workmanship according to the state of the art under normal use and service for an unlimited time period and a maximum of , miles. The warranty is valid for the first registered owner of the vehicle who bought the vehicle at a Vauxhall Authorised Retailer. The warranty starts with the date of delivery by the Vauxhall Retailer or date of first registration, whatever comes first. The warranty applies to free of charge repair of the vehicle by a Vauxhall Authorised Repairer, i. The repair or replacement of defective parts under this undertaking will be made by the Authorised Repairer to whom the vehicle is returned, free of charge to the customer.

the provision of durable original spare parts and spare units. Strong customer relationships which last for the entire life cycle of The components of the Service Partner program: Service spaces on the bodywork or on tinted windows.

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Bob McClurg has been involved with cars ever since he knew what they were, and he started his automotive journalism career working for the Orange Daily News, and then for the Anaheim Bulletin, as a sports photographer. He refined his skills as a high-speed automotive photographer on weekends at drag races, and later worked for Super Stock magazine, the Los Angeles Times, and in went to work as photo editor for Hot Rod Magazine. He left in to work as editor of Mustang Illustrated Magazine for 14 years, during which time he also created Ford High-Performance Magazine. McClurg left the company in and continues to work as a successful freelance photographer. He is known as a top drag-racing historian and is one of the nations most acknowledged classic and late-model mustang authorities.

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Download the service catalogue. The main purpose of packaging is to protect goods from production through to final use. Without question, use of the correct packaging has a direct impact on the total cost of the chain of supply. As such, at Embalex we cover the needs of this type of packaging, in addition to packaging for components, accessories or spare parts, covering the entire process from receipt to delivery management. Embalex always acts with the professionalism and competitive edge that characterise the brand, efficiently implementing and controlling the flow and storage of goods from origin to destination. As such, the size of the packaging and the materials that are used need to be fully adapted to the product, with space for as many parts as possible and aiming to optimise the method of transport for which it is designed, whether by land, sea or air. CKD Complete Knock Down Shipment of automobile parts for certain vehicles from the manufacturing plant for these vehicles to plants in different countries where they are assembled. We design custom packaging and selecting the right material for the needs of your product, also can put them inside for optimal fastening and protection of parts, cardboard, foam, plastic Whatever part of the car to be packaged, we know the package that suits you best.

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After stirring into the pot a selection of new and modified parts from a number of different sources, we ended up with the most immaculate and user-friendly Series III you could imagine. You want better seats? Galvanized chassis and bulkhead? Immaculately restored body and mechanical components?

This is Porsche's first all-electric vehicle, the Taycan. It's unmistakably Porsche. Aluminum and steel shaped into the downward-sloping roofline and pronounced shoulders of the wings that are the manufacturer's signature.

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