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Production industry transport packaging made of paper and cardboard

Production industry transport packaging made of paper and cardboard

Your business is the perfect product and our concern is the perfect packaging. Be it sensitive electronics or heavy machinery parts, we design a safe packing solution. We use corrugated cardboard or a combination of it with other materials such as foam profiles, cartonplast, soft foam, etc. We rely on our know-how and twenty years of experience. Production of packaging by die cutting tailored for your products. We have technology for the production of die cuts which enables the fast and quality production of this type of cardboard.

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Cardboard production

About Us. About us. Transportation —. We do our best to avoid unnecessary transportation and ensure that materials are generally sourced from regions close to the manufacturing site. Goods are transported by sea wherever possible, as this is the most economical and environmentally-friendly option. After goods have been finished and packed they are being loaded into containers. Trucks take them to the port, which is located close to the factories and thus contributes to CO2 reduction, as does the effective shipping of containers by ship through the port of Hamburg and again by truck to our main warehouse in Berlin.

In addition, direct shipment minimizes additional distances such as from asian producers to distribution partners from Asia or Australia. We try to use air traffic only in urgent cases, instead the new rail route from China to Germany, which has a significantly lower CO2 balance and is cheaper. More than retailers around the world sell Ucon Acrobatics. All the goods are currently manufactured in China and shipped from there.

Packaging —. We want to reduce packaging and make it more sustainable at the same time. We currently use two types of packaging. The first is transport packaging - cardboard packaging that is stacked in overseas containers and later returned to the recycling process. On the other hand, these are product packaging to protect our goods directly from soiling. Especially here we are looking for more sustainable alternatives, because until now we have used plastic foils for this purpose.

What is the problem with plastic? Plastics take decades to centuries to decompose in nature. What happens with micro- and nanoplastics is not yet foreseeable. For many, there is only one solution to avoid further kilometres of plastic strudel in the oceans and towering landfills on land. Plastics must be seen as a valuable, recyclable resource, the recycling economy must be promoted and investments made in smarter recycling.

But of the estimated 8. The large mass ended up in waste incinerators, landfills or even in the environment. After all, separating waste cleanly and producing single-variety recycling materials is expensive - and requires huge investments that many countries cannot afford. Even countries like Germany face challenges. According to the industry association 'Plastics Europe', only 16 kilograms of the 46 kilograms of plastic waste produced by every German per year are recycled, i.

Two kilos end up on the landfill, the remaining 28 kilos of plastic waste are 'thermally recycled' in the waste incineration plant to generate electricity or heat. Although this saves coal or other fossil fuels, the energy used to produce the plastic is wasted. Are bio-plastics a solution? Bio in relation to plastics has two meanings:. Plastics from a renewable raw material —. In addition to crude oil, plastics can also be made from corn, potatoes, sugar cane or wood.

There has been criticism of the use of food as the basis for packaging material. In addition the cultivation of the raw materials damages the environment and the bio-plastic has the same disposal problem as plastics on crude oil basis.

Biodegradable plastics —. The compostable bio-plastic bags also have a problem. Their material is composed in such a way that it decomposes in a comparatively short time, but this only happens under precisely defined conditions. The domestic compost heap rarely offers these conditions. In industrial composting plants, there are two problems: firstly, the compostable bags are often sorted out together with non-decomposable bags.

Secondly, they do not produce organic material because the process takes longer than, for example, the decomposition of a banana peel. What other alternative is there? Recycled paper bags —. Paper consists of the renewable raw material wood and is easy to recycle. In Germany, for example, around 75 percent of waste paper is used in the production of paper and cardboard. We therefore want to use recycled paper as a test from summer as product packaging for our smaller bags. These are also used in our online shop as transport packaging and are therefore twice as efficient.

Grass paper boxes —. From summer deliver larger products which can be purchased via our online shop with grass boxes as transport packaging.

When processing grass for paper production, there is no need to use of chemistry. Our grass comes mainly from otherwise unused compensation areas, which can only be mown very late as biotopes. By this time the grass has already grown so tall that it is woody and no animal has to do without food.

These wild meadows support biodiversity; flowers and herbs create space for a variety of insects such as bees. You may also like. The Brand —. Read more Appreciating the variety: a kaleidoscope of cultures all in one place. Sustainable Enterpreneurship —. We partner with outside associations to help us fulfill our mission to build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm and use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis.

Manufacturing —. To bring our products alive, we work with carefully selected suppliers in China that we are constantly foster to meet our high standards. Materials —.

Great products are built with great materials. To achieve this, the material development considers three principles: designing to last, exclusivity and collaboration. Transportation and Packaging —. Free EU Shipping. Follow us. Cart 0 products in your cart. Shipping to all EU countries is free of charge for you. Supported Payment Methods. Edit Cart. Loading results. Transportation and Packaging. Subscribe To Our Newsletter Receive exclusive correspondence on limited drops, special events, discount offers and more.

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About Us. About us.

The Big Book of Packaging Prototypes is both a source of inspiration and an invaluable reference tool. It provides a visual catalyst for the creation of exciting packaging designs. The diverse range of carton templates, which are also included on the accompanying CD, demonstrates the huge variety of packaging possibilities, and the beautifully photographed finished models inspire the imagination. Product suitability and distinguishing characteristics are included for each design, and a system of icons provides easy access to information on every aspect of the designs, from their ecological implications through to their material suitability. Authoritative essays detail the principles of packaging, along with the issues and challenges faced by contemporary packaging designers. A handy guide covers all the major types of closure, and a quick reference list summarizes common packaging materials and their typical uses.

Packaging industry

The packaging market is dominated by modern, innovative solutions - for the packaging as well as for the manufacturing process. Given the increasing requirements with regard to quality, flexibility and productivity, it is essential to have innovative partners providing support for all processes - from manufacturing, to packaging and transport. As the importance of packaging increases, so does the variety. Manufacturers change the packaging more frequently; lifecycles are reduced significantly. At the same time, the material surface becomes more and more challenging due to superior finishing. While the visual aspect is important, the packaging also has to be functional and serve a purpose.

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Packaging made of cardboard and corrugated cardboard, glued, die-cut and skobosshivnaya "Kirovograd Production and sales of ceramic brick and asphalt paper Rating: Phones tel.: + Containers for packaging, storage and transport.

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