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Produce manufacturing steel wire of ordinary quality

It is the goal of LKS Wire Rope to provide manufactured rigging products and hardware which are competitively priced and delivered on time with zero defects at quality and service levels that are consistent with the expectations of our customers. We fully understand that to do so is good business. The success of LKS Wire Rope depends on our commitment to associate involvement, continual improvement, and improved business performance goals. We have the large diameter wire rope plants, medium diameter wire rope, and minimum diameter wire rope plants. It can be widely used in land oil and gas field mining, offshore oil and gas field mining, open pit mining and underground mining. Many industries such as cranes and all kinds of construction machinery, ports and metallurgy, bridge and construction, offshore engineering and shipbuilding.

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How to identify stainless steel wire rope

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I am text block. Click edit button to change this text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo. We started in as a trading company in Stainless Steel Long Products.

After attaining experience and expertise in the industry, we established our production unit in , aiming primarily to the export market. Venus is well-known as a reliable and quality supplier for stainless steel wires and bars. We manufacture Stainless Steel Coarse Wires in a wide range of sizes, from 0.

Produced in more than 50 grades we cover most of thestainless steel grades as well as high nickel and duplex, super duplex grades,for hundreds of applications using bending or forming as the primary process such as conveyor belting, filtration, applications use EPQ wires, springs, staples, nails, fasteners, spokes etc. Venus also produces Stainless Steel Fine Wires ranging from 0.

With a combination of customized chemistry, drawing process and die selection, Venus provides an excellent durability and finish to the material while meeting the mechanical property requirements of the application. Customized packaging options are available on demand. Venus Wires offers premium quality Stainless Steel Wire Rods for varies applications such as wire drawing, exhaust hangers, lightning conductors etc. We provide customized chemistry to best suit your application.

Supplied in the size range of 5. We also provide the option of soap coating. Venus produces tig wires in coil and cut lengths in size range of 0.

Venus offers a number of packaging options along with customized packaging. Venus produces high quality mig welding wires and supplied worldwide. These time-tested products, have always demonstrated their superior quality: - be it a stringent welding qualification by the customer or product approval by independent agencies. Customized packaging options are available for distributors. Venus produces Stainless Steel Core Wires for electrodes manufacturing.

We supply to numerous electrode manufacturers around the globe. Customized chemistry for core wires are provided which helps the users with flexibility for flux. Venus produces excellent Sub Arc Weld Wires for the enhanced performance of continuous arc welding. Precision diameter tolerance of our wires makes the job easy for an arc welder. Venus produces stainless steel bars in austenitic, ferritic, martensitic and precipitation hardening stainless.

Produced in the size range of 1. With all cold finishing and heat treatment process in-house, Venus holds complete control over the final product characteristics. This enables Venus to provide tailored products to its customers in diverse industries.

Supplied in cold drawn and polished condition, the products comply to all major industrial standards. With tailored chemistry and calcium treatment, the products offer high machinability without compromising corrosion resistance and internal soundness. Heat treatment is the KEY for precipitation hardened stainless and our in-house computer controlled furnaces ensures that each bars are heat treated uniformly to the temperature and time as required by the standards for the bars to achieve mechanicals, impact strength and other characteristics.

Please send us a query on venuswires venuswires. Automotive, energy, nuclear, wind mill, oil and gas, architecture, water, pumps, defense, boats or ships, welding purpose, medical, solenoid valves, cutlery, beer bottle, machine components, conveyor, fencing, vine yard, power generation, boilers, paper industry, petrochemical, pipelines, building and construction, lighting.

Stainless steel is basically a steel alloy with chromium content. When steel is mixed with other elements like chromium, molybdenum, nickel, silicon, carbon, and aluminum it makes an alloy which is called stainless steel.

As compared to ordinary steel it is corrosion and rust resistant as well as more stain resistant too. Along with these qualities, low maintenance and luster make it perfect for many applications. Flux cored arc welding is an arc welding process which can be both automatic as well as semi automatic and requires continuous feeding of the tubular consumable electrode which contains a flux and constant power supply for welding. As compared to submerged melt welding which can only do welding in horizontal or flat position, flux cored arc welding is suitable for many different positions.

Venus Is participating in the exhibition Stainless Steel. Stand E63 has been booked by our company for this event. Date — 16th — 20th April Venus Wires is proud to announce that we will take part in the wire and tube fair in Dusseldorf, Germany. Find us at Hall No 9 in booth number E About Venus. About Us. Our Industry Products. Read More. Quality is integrated in our culture. It is not a part of the process, it is the process itself.

We attempt to contribute towards the betterment of the world by caring about the environment. We invest in the best machinery, testing equipment and training for our employees.

We enjoy the lowest attrition rate in the industry. Our people prefer to stay and grow with us. All Industries Automotive, energy, nuclear, wind mill, oil and gas, architecture, water, pumps, defense, boats or ships, welding purpose, medical, solenoid valves, cutlery, beer bottle, machine components, conveyor, fencing, vine yard, power generation, boilers, paper industry, petrochemical, pipelines, building and construction, lighting.

Venus Wires to Participate in an Exhibition in Germany Date — 16th — 20th April Venus Wires is proud to announce that we will take part in the wire and tube fair in Dusseldorf, Germany. Quick Links. Quick Enquiry. Contact Us. Start typing and press Enter to search.

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Yuze obtained ISO management system certification in the year ; The concept and awareness of quality management are integrated into every detail in the whole production. We have 3 factories and 1 branch office; with total over staffs:2 Wire Drawing Factory ,1 Weaving mesh Factory and 1Branch office in Shijiazhuang. We have sets equipment for wire drawing, annual production capacity is over 10 thousand tons; We adopt the advanced drawing wire technology from Japan, purchase wire rod from South Korea, Japan and some high quality wire from domestic supplier; which efficiently guarantee stainless steel wire with good ovality; accurate wire dia. Good raw material is always the main factor of high quality standard wire mesh; Our Stainless steel wire is dedicated for our mesh weaving besides of supplying them to oversea and local excellent wire mesh weavers and high tech requirement applications. Yuze has other typical advantages for the stainless steel woven mesh products; We have over sets machines; 60sets of among them are heavy duty machinery with max width 2.

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The cost of BRC certification depends on many factors surrounding your facility, including the size of the facility and the scope that the certification needs to cover. Our Welded Mesh Rolls. As the mesh size increases, the particle size decreases for finer material. Welded Wire Mesh Chart 9.

Steel wire rod

By: admin July 8th, Image by cocoparisienne from Pixabay. This type of product is quite common and can be used in a wide variety of industries, as well as other spheres. Naturally, the main applications for wire rod are manufacturing, the energy sector, and construction.

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Size: 0. Delivery status: LD, CD. Shanghai Metal Corporation is a leading stainless steel spring wire manufacturer and supplier. The precision cold drawing production of the wire ensures a high tensile strength with excellent cast and helix characteristics, and high elasticity and fatigue resistance. Shanghai Metal Products are packed and labeled according to the regulations and customer's requests. Great care is taken to avoid any damage which might otherwise be caused during storage or transportation. Customized Design Is Available. Advantages of Stainless Steel Spring Wire:. Good electric conductivity. Resist to corrosion.

Basic knowledge of steel

Now a lot of industrial manufacturing products, will use the stainless steel wire rope material production, in order to identify the quality of stainless steel material, can take certain measures and methods. But many customers do not know how to use any method can be identified, the following is a list of the following identification methods. Magnetic testing method is the most primitive of the most common distinction of austenitic stainless steel and iron element of the stainless steel body the simplest method, austenitic stainless steel is non-magnetic steel, but the high pressure after cold working with mild magnetic; and pure chromium steels and low alloy steels is strong magnetic steel. One of the notable features of the stainless steel wire rope is that it has an inherent corrosion resistance of the concentrated nitric acid and dilute nitric acid, which can be easily distinguished from most other metals or alloys.

Steel is an iron-carbon alloy containing between 0. We usually refer to it as iron and steel, with a melting point of degrees. In order to ensure its toughness and plasticity, the carbon content generally does not exceed 1.

This widely read global reference tool is one of the most authoritative sources for timely information on industrial minerals and rocks, the markets they serve, and their multitude of uses. Changes in the global economy have greatly impacted the mining, processing, and marketing of industrial minerals. Additionally, the development of new technologies and a globalization of the customer base have driven fast-paced innovation in processing, packaging, transporting, and end use. The new edition examines these important and diverse changes and their complex ramifications in the world of industrial minerals and rocks. Industrial Minerals and Rocks is divided into three parts. Part I—Introduction and Overview: Contains introductory chapters focused on topics broadly relevant to the industry as a whole. Much new content has been added, including stand-alone chapters on industrial minerals transportation, marketing, and due diligence. Part II—Commodities: Focuses on individual industrial minerals, rocks, and materials, and has been rewritten with revised and updated content. Part III—Markets and Uses: Includes valuable information on how industrial minerals and rocks are used in various applications, such as in construction materials, filler and extender uses, and, metallurgy.

Stainless Steel Wire Rope 4mm 7x7 N/mm2 Right Hand Ordinary Lay manufacturing stainless wire rope,best production capability,best quality.

316 Stainless Steel Wire Rope 4mm 7x7 1570 N/mm2 Right Hand Ordinary Lay

What is the detail of our Stainless Steel Wire Rope? What is the specification of our Stainless Steel Wire Rope? Stainless Steel Wire Rope construction image. Product Photos. Why Choose us? Tianli supply a large range of steel wire ropes as belowing. PVC , Nylon , Plastic coated in transparent,red,black,green,blue corlor and so on. Established in , located in Dainan Town, which is the biggest manufacturing base of stainless steel materials and products in China, Jiangsu Province. We always follow the principle of "the supremacy of quality".

Brc Mesh Size

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St3ps(ВСт3пс) Structural carbon steel of ordinary quality

Hidraulika flex Ltd. Drumet with its high quality of the production is one of the leading manufacturers of steel wire ropes in the European market. In cooperation with this company we have the opportunitie to offer you the ropes in all constructions and diameters. In addition to these ropes in our own production we are able to make all kinds of slings for lifting, transfer and insurance of cargo.

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A wire is a single, usually cylindrical , flexible strand or rod of metal. Wires are used to bear mechanical loads or electricity and telecommunications signals. Wire is commonly formed by drawing the metal through a hole in a die or draw plate.

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