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Produce factory margarines

Produce factory margarines

The GS brand comprises scraped surface heat exchanger technology, continuous butter and emulsification equipment used for processing of e. Learn more about our butter equipment. Use small-scale testing facilities. For important parameters in the process. Americas United States. Asia - Pacific Australia.

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Share our expertise in our global Oil & Fats application centres

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Want to be sure your new recipe will succeed in production and in the marketplace? Would you like to change an ingredient and want to know if you need a new emulsifier? With fully equipped application centers in Denmark, Mexico and Singapore, we're always ready to develop and test promising ideas that could provide your next product breakthrough.

We also have pasteurizing and re-melt units, too, enabling us to closely simulate your own production setup. We're ready to advise you on any matter, performing trials in our own application centers or working tirelessly alongside you on location to help solve even the toughest of challenges. We'll share our complete understanding of the complex, dynamic nature of margarine manufacturing technologies — and emulsifiers, in particular — with you.

It's a uniquely personal service where your specific needs and preferences, and the realities of your markets, are our focal point. Watch our video to learn how we work with margarine producers around the world.

Related content. Why Choose Palsgaard We're specialists in Emulsifiers and Stabilisers We deliver customer-tailored solutions We share our expertise We're a responsible company. Palsgaard - in short We help customers improve their business.

Founded in , Vitaquell has been an independent, family-run company rooted in oil and margarine production since Over the course of the respective market development, and as part of the requirements from customers and specialty retailers, we were able to repeatedly prove ourselves as pioneers in various product innovations. In addition to the actual product quality resulting from the careful selection of premium ingredients, a careful production process, and modern quality management, Vitaquell also focuses on aspects like environmental friendliness, habitat preservation, securing social structures.

The discovery of margarine was motivated in the half 19th century by the need to find a cheap source of dietary fats for the French workers in a period of great increase in the population and shortage of butter. Around , beef tallow and pork fats accounted for about half of the dietary supply of lipids but this source was vitamin-poor, poorly digestible and not spreadable. To counteract the shortage of dairy fats and their poor quality which could raise some difficulties not only in the population but also in the military troops, the French government, under the rule of Napoleon III, decided in , during the international exhibition in Paris, to launch a competition for the research of a new cheap dietary fat source. The patent was registered in Paris on 15 July BF The margarine production was developping rapidly all over the world.

«Zhirovoy Kombinat» JSC

In many countries these proportions are controlled by legislation. Gums and thickeners such as gelatin, alginates and most commonly, caseinates are used to replace the viscosity and bulking effect of the fat and to ensure that a stable water-in-oil emulsion is formed. Manufacturing process varies according to ingredients used and product formula, however, a typical process can be summarized as follows:. A Silverson High Shear mixer is able to overcome all of these difficulties. This is typically achieved using an In-Line mixer operating in conjunction with an in-tank agitator as follows:. The aqueous phase ingredients are added to the vessel and recirculated through the self-pumping In-Line mixer which disperses and hydrates the materials, rapidly producing a homogeneous agglomerate-free mix. The oil can be fed into the line just prior to the In-Line mixer so that two phases mix on contact in the high shear zone, ensuring a uniform, stable emulsion is achieved after a short recirculation period.

OAO Minsk Margarine Plant

Doccas Food, is a Spanish company dedicated to the manufacture of margarines and spreads for the Retail sector. Born of the experience on the treatment of vegetable oils and fats of the Nuova Sesac Group to which it belongs. Our products are used by well-known international firms, as well as craftsmen confectioners and Horeca channel professionals. Doccas Food is a production plant recently built, included within the so-called new industry 4. A new productive generation that is leading a concept of intelligent factory, capable of greater adaptability in the manufacturing processes and a more efficient allocation of resources.

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We are leading supplier of laminating margarines and fats with high plasticity for viennoiserie, danish and puff pastry. We supply innovative and tailor-made margarines to all types of food producers in different sectors, from local producers to big multinationals.

Belarus, , Minsk region, Minsk, Kozlova. Add to Favorites. The company occupies a leading position in the field of vegetable oil, margarines, specialty fats, spreads, mayonnaise, sauces, ketchup, horseradish and mustard. The production is equipped with modern lines of production, processing and packaging products and meets all international quality standards! Food Industry Services. Goods View. Rapeseed oil. It is able to preserve the transparency for a long time and not change its aroma.

Open joint stock company «Minsk margarine plant»

Margarine is the most commonly used fat for cooking and spreading. Butter is little used in Africa as it must be kept in a refrigerator. The SIA company has extensive experience and numerous references from complete margarine factories for the biggest brands distributed throughout the continent.

Want to be sure your new recipe will succeed in production and in the marketplace? Would you like to change an ingredient and want to know if you need a new emulsifier? With fully equipped application centers in Denmark, Mexico and Singapore, we're always ready to develop and test promising ideas that could provide your next product breakthrough.

Page 1 Page 2 Page 3. It is widely used both as a spread and as a cooking fat. The word "margarine," like the food, is an invention. In the early s the young French chemist M. Chevreul discovered that fats are composed of fatty acids. In he named one of these "margaric acid" because it glistened with lustrous pearly drops that reminded him of the Greek word for pearl, margaron or margarites. In the late s when a fellow Frenchman Mege-Mouries developed a product resembling butter, he decided to call it margarine , because his product was composed largely of margaric acid. He then added the prefix "oleo," a name for beef fat derived from the Latin oleum , meaning oil, which in turn derived from olea , meaning olive tree; beef fat in purified form olein or oleo oil??

Palm oil as a component for high quality margarine and shortening formulations I want to know how it's possible to produce fluid gels without a rheometer, or is.

GS Perfector 125

Butter is made from the butterfat of milk, whereas modern margarine is made mainly of refined vegetable oil and water. In some places in the United States, it is colloquially referred to as oleo , short for oleomargarine. Due to its versatility, margarine can be used as an ingredient in other food products, such as pastries, doughnuts, cakes and cookies. In , the German structural chemist Wilhelm Heinrich Heintz analyzed margaric acid as simply a combination of stearic acid and the previously unknown palmitic acid. Emperor Napoleon III of France offered a prize to anyone who could make a satisfactory butter alternative, suitable for use by the armed forces and the lower classes. In , he sold the patent to the Dutch company Jurgens , now part of Unilever.

Philosophy and Mission Statement – Fauser Vitaquell

Christian Litz: Butter is made from cow milk, margarine is made of fat. In older days this meant fat from dead animals, but now it usually means fat from corn, soybeans, or peanuts. RP : Are Germans particularly fond of margarine? CL : The butter-margarine issue has divided German society for a long time. We are rather psychotic in this regard. Back in the time of the Kaiser, the use of butter versus margarine was an expression of social status — and in some respects that sentiment lasts to this day. So I killed her. The importance of margarine was strengthened during the two World Wars, because margarine was a subsitute for butter, and it kept soldiers happy on the front.

Om El Nour invests EGP 150m to double oil production, vegetable margarine - Daily News Egypt

Om El Nour Group for Food Industries plans to invest EGP m during the upcoming period, including EGP m to double the production capacity of oils, and add a new vegetable margarine-production line. Mahmoud Abo Bakr, the head of sales in the company, said that the group has four factories. The first is specialised in producing vegetable oils, the second in producing pasta, and both the third and fourth in producing wheat milling. He added that Sila sells large quantities of oils in the form of raw materials, ranging from 4, to 5, tonnes, whereas the remaining amounts are launched as final products in the local market and foreign markets through exporting.

The Power-Struggle Between Margarine and Butter in Germany

The Company has over 65 years of successful operations, enjoying strong brand recognition, as well as significant and stable market shares for its products in the domestic market of Belarus. Located in the capital, Minsk, the Company actively trades throughout Belarus and is developing export markets. The Company enjoys various advantages: Large domestic market shares in major product areas The Republic of Belarus, represented by the Belgospischeprom Concern www.

Production of Margarine and Low Fat Spreads

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Margarine : Is a spread used for spreading, baking, and cooking. Margarine is made mainly of hydrogenated or refined plant oils and water. While butter is made from fat from milk, margarine is made from plant oils and may also contain milk.

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